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The best guide to garage door repair tips. Cataloged, verified and checked for accuracy.

  • Invest in Good Tools and Garage Door Care Products

    Having products for maintaining your garage door, such as antirust and lubricants, can help you keep your garage door in its top shape, according to our experts in Lawrenceville. Also, it would be best to use the proper tools for maintaining your garage door and making minor repairs such as tightening screws and panels.

  • Make sure the opener has a release rope

    The release rope is very important even if you have backup batteries. It won't only serve you to disconnect the door from its automatic operation but it will help you save a life. If someone is trapped in between the door and the floor by releasing the electric opener the entrapped person will be rescued.

  • Unplug when on vacation

    If you and your family are planning to go on a vacation, then you won’t need any reason to operate your garage door. Unplugging the opener before you leave is recommended as this makes the garage door inaccessible to anyone else and is a good security measure.

  • Buying New Springs

    Don’t wait until you experience problems with your garage door before you finally decide to replace garage door springs. According to the suggestions of Lawrenceville experts, you need to check the spring every now and then if they are fully functional. If you have been using them for a long time, it is time for replacement.

  • Deal with the scratches on your door

    When dealing with scratched pain on your garage door, the solutions is to caulk it first and then fill it with a caulking material in order to smooth out the particular surface which has the imperfection. After doing so, painting the whole structure can be done, thus removing any imperfection. This process also creates a good quality effect on the garage door.

  • Getting a Garage Door Opener with Reverse Feature

    Upgrade your garage door opener to include an auto-reverse feature. This should not be a problem since most new openers carry this feature. If you have an old model that does not have one, consider replacing it as this feature can save you from unpleasant accidents. When the garage door closes and there is something on its path, it will reverse its action to prevent crashing it, thus protecting anyone who may go through that door.

  • Tip for Using the Garage Door Release

    Highly regarded garage door repair experts in the industry.

    It is absolutely vital that you take the time to study the owner’s manual when you first buy a garage door. One of the most important aspects will be the emergency release which can save any person or animal that is trapped underneath the structure. It goes without saying that these instructions should be learnt by heart in case there is some urgency.

  • Tip for Garage Owners with Children

    Do not let the children near the remote or any other apparatus that controls the installation.

    In fact manual doors are much easier to control in this respect because their sheer weight acts as a deterrent. Garage Door Repair Lawrenceville recommends that the operation of the structure remains in the hands of adults only. Of course parents should always take appropriate precautions.

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