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  • How long is the service life of a garage door spring?

    The most common garage door torsion springs have a probable service life of approximately 10,000 cycles. A cycle is defined as one each of the door opening and closing. Mostly, steel springs are used for garage doors and it will experience great force every time the door opens up or closes down. Slowly and over time, these steel springs will experience fatigue with every flex made, and in turn, breaks and cracks can occur due to the instant and quick releasing of stored energy, and these are characterized with a loud noise.

  • How can I determine if the springs on my garage door are properly balanced?

    Pull the release cord so that the operator is disconnected.

    After which, let the door open halfway and let go with it. If the door stays in the same position but with slight drifting, then the springs are okay. If it wants to drop or open on its own, have the springs adjusted by trained professionals.

  • What materials are garage doors made of?

    The garage doors are currently made of wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

    Each of these materials has its own benefits, though wood and steel doors are by far the most popular homeowner choices. Depending on your needs and style, you can always contact experts from Garage Door Repair Lawrenceville for further help in picking up the best choice of garage door.

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