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Our Glossary

Garage door springs

they are actual springs wound under tremendous force in order to keep the weight of the garage door when it is lifted or lowered down to the ground. There are two basic types. The torsion spring is placed at the upper part of the door and the extension springs on the two sides. Their selection would depend on the weight of the door and, sometimes, they are combined for greater force.

Garage door service

it includes the repairs and replacements performed on each garage door system. Everything needed for the actual operation of the mechanism would be considered a service. Hence, it would include a scheduled installation or taking care of a sudden problem. In a broader sense, it would also mean the process of maintaining the entire garage door mechanism since a professional would inspect and troubleshoot the parts and would conclude his job by repairing damages.

Garage door tracks

these are important parts of the garage door since the rollers would slide into them enabling full cycle of the door. Tracks are placed vertically and horizontally with curved parts in between in order to allow full completion of the door's movement. It's better to prefer galvanized ones or tracks made of zinc alloy to avoid erosion. These are hard, mechanical parts but possible distortions must be fixed at once or the door would come off.

Garage door maintenance

a full service of the garage door system in order to detect problems before they actually emerge. It is recommended to take place twice a year since its purpose is primarily preventive and people would actually stop serious damages from happening and avoid accidents. It includes the inspection of each part of the mechanism and the panel, testing the effectiveness of major components and repairing or replacing damaged parts.

Lubrication maintenance

it is included in the basic service of all mechanical garage door parts. All moving machines would need oiling in order to rotate better and avoid friction. Each garage door part would require certain amount of lubricant, which will actually prolong their life span, protect the parts from extreme temperatures and help them perform their job better. Their lubrication is important but it must not be excessive either.

Glass garage doors

glass is one of the basic garage door materials and it is usually protected by wood or aluminum frame, which comes out in different shades. Glass panels come out in different shades as well ranging from clear to obscure glass. There are also options when the customers would require insulated panels and, in this case, manufacturers would also use double layers. The safety glass used would protect people from accidents.

Garage door repair

it is the procedure of mending damaged garage door parts. Each part is subject to maltreatment and elements and every single one of them has a specified life cycle before it would start malfunctioning. The term would refer to the actual fixing of damages whether it would include putting the door back on tracks, align the door, or fixing loose cables. It is the most vital process for the proper operation of the system.

Emergency garage door service

it is the service provided by professional garage door companies when consumers deal with serious problems, which would endanger their lives or compromise their security. Some garage door parts would cause serious trouble if they are not fixed right away because they would leave the door open and for this reason companies usually provide emergency services for broken springs repair, for example, or problematic openers and remote controls.

Garage door repair parts

these are the new replacement parts, which would substitute the ones damaged. They would be needed either when a certain part has completed its life cycle or when it is broken. In either case, the part should be replaced with an identical one of the same size and often of the same brand. In this case, consumers would need to write down the number inscribed on the existing part in order to get the right one.

Garage door parts

the term refers to all mechanical and electric parts of each garage door system. There are actually more than three hundred of them including the screws, hinges and other small parts and they are all mechanical except for the opener. Openers are the only electric devices and would also include the sensors and remote controls. Although, some parts are considered crucial for the actual operation of the door, they are all important and have a specified life cycle.

Garage door opener 

it is the only electric device of the garage door system and, these days, it includes a reverse system. Openers work with motors of different horsepower but standard residential garage doors wouldn't require more than ½. Motors are the soul of each opener and there are actually three types differentiated by their noise level and speed. Openers activate the movement of the door and they are activated usually by remote controls.

Garage door panel

the term refers to the garage door itself. It is the biggest section of the entire system and the one which protects the premises. It comes out in different materials with the most popular ones being metal and wood while there are also different types of garage doors including sectional, rollups and overhead ones. Panels may be made by a single board or different sections and, in this case, dented panels would be replaced autonomously.


the term is applied broadly in the building business and refers to the level of insulation efficiency of different materials. It is the best way to measure the energy efficiency of each garage door since the r-value indicator would count the efficiency of the insulation materials. Consumers desiring higher protection against fierce weather conditions should prefer well insulated garage doors and, in this case, they should ensure the r-value is high.

Garage door sensors

each opener produced since 1993 has photoelectric sensors, which have the capacity to detect obstacles in the path of the closing garage door in order to reverse the movement of the panel. They are often called through beam photoelectric sensors because they would open or close the door when the light among the receiver and transmitter is interrupted. Sensors would trigger alarm when people, pets or smoke would cross the infrared beams.

Garage door replacement

it specifically refers to the substitution of the panel itself with another, but more generally it would also refer to the replacement of any garage door part. The door can either be replaced in sections or entirely. All electric and mechanical parts of each system have specific life cycles and, thus, their replacement is unavoidable. Replacement would also be necessary in case parts are severely damaged and most often would require immediate replacement.

Garage door company

the term makes reference to the official, professional contractor that would handle garage door repairs, the installation of the door or other parts, replacements and maintenance. Professional companies are usually organized in different sections with specialized technicians and may often provide garage door repair parts, panels and entire systems but their main occupation is servicing garage door problems. For this reason, they are equipped with appropriate tools for each service.

Bottom seal

it is the weather strip placed at the bottom parts of the garage door. Although weather stripping is extremely significant for full protection of the garage area from air drafts, the bottom part of the door should be sealed properly because it won't only keep elements away but also insects and intruders. It will shield the door on the floor and, therefore, it would be extremely vital for proper safety and for energy efficiency.

Garage door safety cables

these parts are supplementary and their mission is not to lift the door as usual cables would do. Their purpose is to provide full protection from broken garage door springs. They are usually attached on the wall close to the door or onto the tracks but they must also be fastened on the same support springs are attached to. They are crucial for people's protection because they can keep springs from snapping.

Garage door rollers

these are the small wheels, which actually carry the garage door and move along the garage door tracks making sure the door opens and closes all the way. There are a few different types and sizes depending on the size and weight of the door and the material would determine their long lasting, strength and resistance to moisture and elements. Good quality and frequent lubrication would reduce possible noise.

Garage door hinge

hinges are found in almost every ordinary door and they are also important parts of the garage door mechanism since they would hold and ensure the stability of various parts. There are no significant differences among different brands but their size should always be measured properly when replacement is needed. It is important that they would remain intact from time and regularly checked because they may determine the accuracy of the door's movement.

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